what's the 3in1 decoiler feeder?

The 3in1 feeder refers to a special equipment for stamping or blanking of metal coils. Specifically, one equipment includes three functions: unwinding, leveling (straightening), feeding, and pressing against punching or shearing during installation. The machine is simple, easy to operate and saves space.

The characteristics of the three-in-one feeder are:

First, the operation is convenient, the automatic mode is adopted for feeding, feeding and feeding, which realizes automation, greatly saves labor and reduces safety risks;

Second, the structure is compact and the space occupied is small. The split type stamping production line needs to reserve the waiting area between the machine and the machine table, especially the material above the middle plate, which is often laid about 10 meters. Some even need to dig the ground for the ground, and the precision three-in-one feeder The structure is compact, and the floor space is fully utilized compared to the traditional separate and independent stamping;

Third, the leveling effect is better, and the corresponding finished product quality is better. The split stamping production line consisting of a single material rack, leveling machine and feeder is a completely separate three equipment, and there is a waiting area between each equipment, which makes even if each equipment is installed. Inverter, its operation and matching can not be completely synchronized, and ultimately more or less will affect the accuracy requirements of leveling and feeding, and the precision three-in-one feeder integrates the rack, leveling and feeding into one machine. This makes the machine's matching achieve complete synchronization, photoelectric material arc control system, the feeding line height adopts advanced worm gear adjusting device, which truly ensures the leveling feeding accuracy;

Fourth, the import of core components, a complete lubrication system, comes with self-test procedures, the failure rate is extremely low. For example, the servo motor and electronic device have perfect lubrication system and self-testing program, which makes the whole machine wear very little and the maintenance is very simple and convenient.

According to the thickness of the material, the three-in-one feeder is roughly divided into three types: thin plate, medium plate and thick plate. It is divided into economical, practical and high-matching according to the actual use requirements of customers.

The thickness of the material is between 0.3-3.2mm, the middle plate is between 0.6-4.5mm, and the thick plate is between 1.0-10.0mm. The three-in-one feeder equipment is mainly used in auto parts, motorcycle parts and households. Electrical appliances, motor stator and rotor stamping, shelf punching and so on.

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