What is a good straightener?
What is a good straightener?
As automakers increasingly rely on lightweighting and advanced structural materials to achieve vehicular fuel efficiency goals. the use of materials with tensile strengths of more than 550kgf/mm2 continues to grow. Research shows advanced high-strength steels to be the fastest-growing material in automotive applications.

The challenge of attaining the flatness required to properly feed high yield strength into the press has been largely ignored. HongEr Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 in 1 machine provides prefect solution for straightener feeder.

Straightening materials with yield strengths of more than 550kgf/mm2 requires greater forces than for those with lower strengths. So straightening feeding
roller adopted material GCr15 with hardness of HRC 60±2.

Straightener roller is usually under excessive pressures. In order to protect the straightener roller from deforming and meet the straightening requirements, we adopt auxillary rollers, and support the straightening rollers with needle roller bearings.
All of these features improves the material flatness as well as operator safety.

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