[Press Feeder] 2 Sets Of GLK3-600 Decoiler Straightener Feeder Machines Manufactured Now

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publisher: HongEr Machine Equipment
Time: 2018-10-10
Summary: HongEr Machine Equipment manufactures compact press feeder with straightener and decoiler, with coil car, pressing arm and supporting arm for option. The design of the compact press feeder is servo feeder, and a
Decoiler Straightener Feeder Machine GLK3-600 2 Sets Manufactured Now
HongEr Machine News
This autumn, HongEr Machine has been busy designing, manufacturing and delivering to our customers all over the world.
But no matter how busy we are, there's one thing that we don't forget. It's to manufacture with love.
HongEr Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 in 1 Machine
HongEr Machine manufactures various types of feeders, one of the most popular type is compact servo feeder for punch press-Decoiler straightener feeder 3 in 1 machine, also known as compact servo feeder with straightener and decoiler.
Usually, the decoiler has hydraulic expansion, pressing arm, supporting arm and coil car for option.
And customers can also choose to have shearer and oiling units after the servo feeder unit.
HongEr decoiler straightener feeder 3 in 1 machine is equipped with leading brands of electric parts from Japan, France and Taiwan. The quality is reliable, and the parts for replacing is easy to find in the market.
Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 in 1 GLK3-600
Max. Width: 600mm

Max. Thickness: 4.5mm

Max. Weight: 5 tons

Expansion: Hydraulic

Coil Car: Equipped

Shearer and Oiling Unit: for option.

Pressing Arm and Supporting Arm: Equipped
The compact servo feeder for punch press, which integrates straightener and decoiler, has many advantages compared with individual machines.
1) It saves working space.
2) It enhances efficiency.
3) It can handle thick strips.
4) The design is easy for operation.
5) Leading technology in the market.
HongEr Machine is one of the leading manufacturers of machines for metal stamping business.
HongEr Machine manufactures various types of machines, such as decoiler, straightener, feeder, punch press machines and other related equipment / toold. These machines and equipment are widely applied in metal stamping industries all over the world.
Our decoiler, straightener, feeder and punch press machines are highly recognized among our customers and their local markets.
Besides, you can rely on our after-sale services to respond within 0-10 hours and being patient and professional.
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