[Report] Decoiler Straightener Feeder and Power Press News in Oct, 2018

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publisher: HongEr Machine Equipment
Time: 2018-10-26
Summary: HongEr Machine is a Chinese leading manufacturer of metal stamping machines. HongEr business scope includes decoiler, double decoiler, dual decoiler, flat decoiler, coil car decoiler, straightener, easy operation straightener with decoiler with worm gear adjusting, high precision feeder, NC servo feeder, roller feeder, power press machine, C cap press machine, H type press machine, high speed press machine, compact servo feeder, which is also called decoiler straightener feeder 3 in 1 machine.
Decoiler Straightener Feeder and Power Press News
26th, Oct, 2018
About HongEr Machine
HongEr Machine is located in Shenzhen, China, a beautiful city in the south, next to Hong Kong. HongEr Machine manufactures various types of machines, and these machines and equipment are widely applied in metal stamping industries all over the world.
Our decoiler, straightener, feeder and punch press machines are highly recognized among our customers and their local markets. Besides, you can rely on our after-sale services to respond within 0-7 hours and being patient and professional.
Decoiler / Recoiler
Decoiler/recoiler with coil car
Decoiler/recoiler motorized
Decoiler/recoiler with pressing arm
Decoiler/recoiler with supporting arm
Double/recoiler Decoiler
Dual Decoiler/recoiler
Twin Decoiler/recoiler
Four Head Decoiler/recoiler
Flat Pallet
Flat Decoiler
Light Duty Decoiler/recoiler
Straightener with high precision
Straightener with liftable upper rollers
Straightener with hard chrome plated rollers
Straightener for thin metal strips
Straightener compact with decoiler
Decoiler Straightener 2 in 1
Straightener with worm gear adjustment
High speed roller feeder
Grip feeder
Gear feeder
Air feeder / Pneumatic feeder
NC servo roller feeder with pneumatic release
NC servo roller feeder with machanical release (high speed)
NC servo roller feeder with decoiler and straightener
Power Press

High speed press machine with C type frame

High speed press machine with H type frame

High performance press machine with C type frame

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