[Report] Decoiler Straightener Feeder and Power Press News In Nov, 2018

From: HongEr Machine Equipment
publisher: Decoiler Straightener Feeder Manipulator Press
Time: 2018-11-26
Summary: HongEr Machine is a Chinese leading manufacturer of metal stamping machines. HongEr business scope includes decoiler, double decoiler, dual decoiler, flat decoiler, coil car decoiler, straightener, easy operation straightener with decoiler with worm gear adjusting, high precision feeder, NC servo feeder, roller feeder, power press machine, C cap press machine, H type press machine, high speed press machine, compact servo feeder, which is also called decoiler straightener feeder 3 in 1 machine.

HongEr Machine News

Welcome to meet HongEr in Indonesia!

Time:        5th-8th December 2018

Location: Jakarta  International Expo, Booth 5710, Hall B3 Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibition

Machine News:

  1. Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 in 1 to Hungary
  2. 3D Manipulator to Australia
  3. Decoiler Straightener 2 in 1 Machines (5 sets) to United States
  4. Decoiler to Germany
  5. NC Servo Feeder to Russia
  6. High Speed Gear Feeder to Thailand
  7. Air Feeder to Malaysia

About HongEr Machine

HongEr Machine is located in Shenzhen and Dongguan in South China, next to Hong Kong. With convenient transportation, high quality human resources supply, HongEr Machine has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of machines for metal stamping business.

HongEr Machine manufactures various types of machines, such as decoiler, straightener, feeder, transfer manipulator, punch press machines and other related equipment / tool. These machines and equipment are widely applied in metal stamping industries all over the world.

Our decoiler, straightener, feeder, manipulator and punch press machines are highly recognized among our customers and their local markets.

Besides, you can rely on our after-sale services to respond within 0-10 hours and being patient and professional.

Contact Us

Hazel Wu (Sales Manager)

Email: hazel@he-machine.com

Mobile: +86 139 2464 3535 (WhatsApp/Wechat)


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